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Masters Programs

Dates / Times

Masters Program A 
Monday  10:00am to 4:00pm
Each series is 8 weeks entire program 24 weeks.

  • March 19th: Styling
  • May 14th:  Cutting
  • July 16th: Color
  • September 17th: Styling
  • November 12th:  Cutting


The Masters Program was designed to provide stylists with the tools needed to be successful behind the chair. It focuses on refining the fundamentals required to perform precision haircutting, next level hair color and relevant hair styling techniques. Each series focuses on specific topics and techniques.


• Cutting: Discover how, when and why to combine one-length, graduation and layering techniques.
Learn the importance of assessing bone structure, hair growth patterns, density and texture when cutting hair. Additional topics covered in this series include precision cutting, effective texturizing & scissor-over-comb.

• Color: Understanding levels, tones and techniques is crucial to creating custom hair color. Learn how to create brighter blondes, richer reds and balanced brunettes. Masters dimensional hair color and explore corrective color.

• Styling: Develop a strong foundation in prepping and setting hair to gain the essential tools to create any hairstyle. Discover how to visualize and execute balance, shape and proportion. Master classic hairstyles, formal up-styles and editorial looks.

  • To receive the multiple series discount, the series must be taken with a 1 year time frame


  • 1st Series: $1,500
  • 2nd Series: $2,700
  • 3rd Series: $3,600

    *Rizzieri alumni get a 25% discount


Dates / Times / Pricing

1 Day  Barbering Series 
✓ Price: $175

2 Day Barbering Series 
✓ Price: $250

Creative Series 
✓ Price: $175



Explore classic fundamentals and current trends of modern barbering at the Rizzieri Advanced Academy barbering classes. Each class is designed for stylists and barbers at any level looking to refine or add to their current skill set.


Barbering Series (2-Day Class):  A comprehensive 2-day class, designed to help stylist fully develop their technical execution of Men’s Haircutting. Providing the fundamentals needed to build their male clientele business.
Technical Skills:  Building a Square Shape with Scissors, Building Graduation With Clipper over comb, Clippers against the head
Business building Skills:  Consultation, Adjusting your language to build report with male guests, Retailing, How to Increase Referrals
Styling:  Learn how to get at least 2 different effects on each cut using blow drying techniques and styling products.

Barbering Series  (1-Day Class): An accelerated, clipper focused class that helps stylists build the confidence they need to execute any current men’s haircut.
Technical Skills:  Clipper-over-comb, Traditional fading, Skin fading
Styling:  Learn how to get at least 2 different effects on each cut using blow drying techniques and styling products.

Creative Series (1-Day Class): Creativity flourishes with a strong foundation. Break the cycle of the same old, same old for for you and your guests. Learn how to develop and create customized haircuts and styling options.


Razor Essentials 

Dates / Times / Pricing

✓ Price: $175


Elevate your craft by adding razor work to your arsenal. Razor Essentials is a 1-day workshop that breaks down the fundamentals of straight razor cutting. Ideal for Stylists new to razor work and Stylists converting from guarded to straight razor.

Technical Skills:
Long Round layers with the straight razor, Graduated bob with the straight razor, Different types of weight removal and Texturing with the razor.

Learn how to hand style, round brush blow dry and wrap dry.


Makeup Fundamentals

Dates / Times

Tuesday and Thursday evening from: 
5:00 – 8:00

April 10th 2018


  • $2500.00 for the 8-week course.



During this course students will learn Ana Marie’s 9 step approach to her signature fresh face makeup. This program is designed to expand you skills and knowledge by emphasizing the attention to detail for a flawless makeup application. This approach takes you through the makeup application from start to finish. You will learn the proper skin prep techniques, shaping the brow for the face shape, foundation and concealers for flawless skin, contouring and highlighting, as well as blush and lip techniques. As part of this program you will create various looks that include a fresh face, smokey eye, cat eye, and bridal looks. Use your skills and applying them to the photo shoot offered at the end of the course.