Dates / Times / Pricing

6 weeks / Classes are Mondays from 10am to 4pm

Cost – $1200/Alumni | $1500/Non Alumni

2019 Dates

Jan 21 through Feb 25

April 8 – May 13

June 10 – July 22

Aug 26 – Oct 7

Nov 4 – Dec 9



Explore classic fundamentals and current trends of modern barbering at the Rizzieri Advanced Academy barbering classes. Each class is designed for stylists and barbers at any level looking to refine or add to their current skill set.


Barbering Series (2-Day Class):  A comprehensive 2-day class, designed to help stylist fully develop their technical execution of Men’s Haircutting. Providing the fundamentals needed to build their male clientele business.
Technical Skills:  Building a Square Shape with Scissors, Building Graduation With Clipper over comb, Clippers against the head
Business building Skills:  Consultation, Adjusting your language to build report with male guests, Retailing, How to Increase Referrals
Styling:  Learn how to get at least 2 different effects on each cut using blow drying techniques and styling products.

Barbering Series  (1-Day Class): An accelerated, clipper focused class that helps stylists build the confidence they need to execute any current men’s haircut.
Technical Skills:  Clipper-over-comb, Traditional fading, Skin fading
Styling:  Learn how to get at least 2 different effects on each cut using blow drying techniques and styling products.

Creative Series (1-Day Class): Creativity flourishes with a strong foundation. Break the cycle of the same old, same old for for you and your guests. Learn how to develop and create customized haircuts and styling options.



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Color Bootcamp: 4 weeks / Classes are Mondays from 10am to 4pm

Cost – $750.00

2019 Dates

Feb 4 – Feb 25

June 3 – June 24


Cutting Bootcamp: 4 weeks / Classes are Mondays from 10 am to 4 pm

Cost – $650.00

2019 Dates

April 8 – April 29

October 7 – October 28


Makeup Fundamentals

Dates / Times


Halloween makeup – February 3 Foundation Lab – March 3rd

Lip Lab – March 24th

Makeup school course – May 6th thru June 6th Bronze & Beautiful-August 11th

Cut Crease – November 10th



During this course students will learn Ana Marie’s 9 step approach to her signature fresh face makeup. This program is designed to expand you skills and knowledge by emphasizing the attention to detail for a flawless makeup application. This approach takes you through the makeup application from start to finish. You will learn the proper skin prep techniques, shaping the brow for the face shape, foundation and concealers for flawless skin, contouring and highlighting, as well as blush and lip techniques. As part of this program, you will create various looks that include a fresh face, smokey eye, cat eye, and bridal looks. Use your skills and applying them to the photo shoot offered at the end of the course.

Bridal – November 18, 2018

  • Bridal – This course will focus on the art of wedding makeup.
  • Class cost: $125.00

Halloween Makeup – February 3, 2019

Class Cost: 175.00

Foundation Lab – March 3, 2019

  • Foundation Lab – beyond choosing the perfect shade, learn how to create customized foundation shades for every face.
  • Class cost: 125.00

Lip Lab – March 24, 2019

  • Lip Lab – Customize your ideal nude/perfect pink/just the right red
  • Class cost: $125.00

Makeup School Course – May 6th thru June 6th Photo Shoot June 10 th

  • Makeup Course – Learn: proper skin prep techniques, brow shaping, foundation and concealers, contouring and highlighting, as well as blush and lip techniques. Create: Use your skills during the photoshoot, and add to your portfolio2019 –  Same 5-week course with the photo shoot

Bronze and Beautiful – August 11, 2019

  • Bronze and Beautiful – learn how to give your clients that perfect sun-kissed glow any time of year.
  • Class cost: 175.00 

Halloween makeup – September 29th

  • Halloween / Fantasy Makeup – learn how to apply makeup to create an experience.
  • Class Cost: 175.00 

Cut Crease – November 10, 2019

Class cost : $125.00

Lash Extension course (through Lash Addict) – 2 Day Class / 9am to 4pm

The class includes basic knowledge of eyelash extensions. How to properly apply, clean, and remove the extension. Business advice will also be given. You will receive a starter kit and certificate of completion.

Cost – $950 (includes kit)

2019 Dates

 February 23 & 24

May 5 & 6

August 18 & 19

October 5 & 6